Saturday, September 26, 2015

American Girl Store visit

You know it had to happen with four grand-daughters...the "trip" to the doll store.  Not just any doll store either.  THE American Girl doll store.
Yes, Dallas has one and I promise this will not be our only visit.  Most adorable, fun and all girly kind of morning.
 First, we must try out and play with each doll before we decide on one to take home.
 MissHadley was getting advise from AuntLynley.  AuntLynley should know we still have Suzanna her bitty baby from long ago. Twenty years ago Santa had to find hers, when all American Girl had was a catalog. 
 The overload of selections did not seem to phase them one bit.
 MissRaylyn did hang onto Floppy until she decided which doll to bring home.
 MissLayton was ready to share.

 While waiting for our reservation at the American Girl Bistro, we opened the new dolls.  MissRaylyn's first hug.

 Then, of course, let's undress them and put on their new outfits we picked out for them. 

 We promise we will love them forever!  The grands and the dolls!


  1. Our favorite place. 😊. We won't discuss how many dolls live with our girls. I know our annual back to school lunch there will be a good memory for them.

  2. This is just the cutest thing I've ever seen! I love dolls and when I was in Chicago talked my son, who was then 11 years old into going inside with me. I presented it to him as a way to observe a good business plan. He was curious for a while, but then reached his limit and we had to go to the Lego store! I used to get the American Girl catalogues and even though I have no daughter, would sit and soak in each and every page!

    What totally precious memories!


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