Friday, January 23, 2015

Babies first haircuts

It is kind of a life moment, so I had to capture the day on film.
 First up, MissRaylyn.  One last hug from floppy and then in Mama's lap for the cut.

 Wow, looks better already.  Chin down and a little bit more off the back.  Melissa may have teared up a bit during the process.  Those first time Mama's, geez!

 Next up MissLayton.  She has tons of curls, so we did not worry about the trim of a few them.
 All three girls were perfect.  No tears and they took everything in.  Then they each got a fancy certificate and the first clip of their hair to take home.

 And finally, MissHadley.  Even a few smiles from her.
 MissAllyAnn (we get to meet her in February) and Mom was there.  Plus, AuntLynley and Nanny too!
 "Hmmm.   Maybe next time a manicure?! These nails are looking awful Mom."

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