Thursday, January 1, 2015

Eat your black eyed peas!

Texas Caviar makes it easy to eat your black eyed peas on New Year's Day.
(this recipe did not come from Southern Living 1987 Annual Recipes)  I just happened to prop my plate there. 

Drain and rinse one can each of black eyed peas and Northern white beans
small diced green bell pepper (half of one)
small diced red bell pepper (half of one)
sweet corn about 1/2 cup
three green onions chopped
one avocado diced
juice of half a lime squeezed over avocado
toss with 4-6 ounces of Italian salad dressing
Pepper to taste
I left off cilantro - not a fan!

chill and serve with chips
(I used Trappey's with jalapeno black eyed peas of course)

For a fun New Year's gift idea for friends, check out this old post here.


  1. My sister makes this! DEE-licious!!

  2. Today I cooked a pound of dried black eyed pies with water & chicken broth & chopped onions, celery & 1" square salt pork. I left out jalapenos, as I can't handle the heat. (I also am not a cilantro fan.) Yours sounds delicious, especially with avocado. Happy new year! mary in Dallas

    1. I have never tried them from the dry bean. You must try this dip anytime of the year, so fresh and yummy.

  3. My kind of dip! I saw those fun chips this year, was amazed that there was a full end display one weekend and not one bag left the next! Happy New Year:@)

  4. Oh wow. This is right up my alley. Going to buy the stuff when I go out later. I think I'm going to just put it right in a fajita wrap. Yum.


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