Thursday, February 5, 2015

Kees Girls Staycation

When you live close to a wonderful downtown area like Dallas, you get to plan a staycation with your daughters!  Overnight bags packed, sussies wrapped and camera case ready!
 Our first stop was for lunch at Hatties in the Bishop Arts District.  Grilled pimento cheese and fried green tomatoes.  B+  As you can see it was a little too much lettuce and not quite enough cheese.
 A+ meatloaf, mashed potatoes and mac and cheese!

 Then some shopping and walking off our lunch.
 After Dude Sweet, chocolate we headed over to Emporium Pies! 
 A+  pies and the only place we stopped long enough to ask to have our picture snapped.  You can see MissAllyAnn is ready to make her arrival this month.  Another reason for our staycation, since Ann Marie couldn't travel with only four weeks left of her pregnancy.  

More boutique shopping and Dirt, the cutest flower shop ever!
 The rain moved in as we headed to our hotel, smack in the middle of downtown.  The gorgeous historic Magnolia Hotel.  
 EEEEK!  Don't you love when you get upgraded to a suite?
 The rest of this day was filled with laughter, girl talk and rain.  We didn't care.  Neiman's landmark original store was two blocks away and our dinner reservations were just next door! 
 We still woke up the next morning hungry somehow and headed to Oddfellows.  A+ again!  But, just a note, the cheese grits are better at J. Macklins in Coppell.  Only J. Macks doesn't do the fancy swirly thing in their coffee.  

 Walking to our car for the ride home, we spotted this little shop.  Lynley said you can add bacon to everything on their menu!  Hmmm, may have to make another trip back!  


  1. Looks like a fun time and the food looks great!

  2. Aah... it all looks so nice, and fun!!


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