Friday, August 1, 2014

Minasoda or Minnesaota

However you say it, we had a fabulous time "up north".  

We had a cousin get together in Minnesota. My cousin Sue and her husband Paul offered their cabin on a lake for us all to gather. 

There were ALL kinds of toys!

Carey took my brother Chris for a ride in the kayak.  Sue did all the work and Chris is hanging on for dear life.  

My cousin Mike brought his boat and toys over from his cabin forty minutes away.  There was room for all 20 of us, between the two boats, to stay on the water all the time.

My favorite Aunt and Uncle supervised all of us "kids".

Sue and Paul were the best at keeping us all organized over the visit. 

Some of our gang, just a floatin....

A quick trip to downtown for ice cream and shopping.

I spy a photo bomber!

 The weather was wonderful. We didn't miss the 100 degree Texas summer days one bit. 

My brother Chris' smile says it all.  There was lots of laughs and love shared the entire time. 

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