Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Lauria Anna's and first Monday

A long holiday weekend + all my kids out of town = a trip for me to Canton

And of course Laurie Anna's Vintage Home is always my first stop on Highway 19!
I will let you know my favorite thing from each photograph and if you make it to the end I will let you know my two disappointments.  Neither has anything to do with Laurie Anna's of course.  

Headboard ~ footboard.  Love the light wood and super tall headboard!  This is what greets you as you walk in the front door.  

Look closely.... the cake plates with the colored base!

Absoulutely the round mirrors in whites and aqua!  

Bird cage please, I just do not want a messy bird.  I could easily fill one with loverlies from Laurie Anna's collection.

Holy Toledo! The staircase to nowhere!  I don't think it is for sale though.  But still my favorite part of this showcase area.  Holy Toledo... I crack myself up sometimes. 

Tiny glass covered butter dishes.  Can you find one?

Best thing about this shot, the anticipation of more and more rooms around the corner! Oh, and I always love a 50% of sign too.

The three heads.  

The linen napkin hanging from the table, no... the lanterns... no the aqua bottles.

Yep, it was a good day!  So, what came home with me?

 This ruler planter.  Half price tag, YAY!

This lacy tank and this large rectangular serving platter.  Which a very nice sales person emptied the items on top of the platter, right onto the display counter, so that I could buy it.  I got the last one, sorry.  But, believe me they have tons that are similiar!  

Now for my two things that I did not like on my trip to Canton.  The antique mall next door was charging for parking. I don't remember them doing that.  So, I turned around and went across the street to another store that I like.

They have expanded and you would think great, even more great stuff.  Nope, I was a bit sad.  Just seemed like lots of empty space and not as many cute display areas.  But, I did find a great deals for ribbon on clearance.  So, it was worth the stop.  

I also found this small domed server.  The tomatoe from our farmer's market shows you just how small it is.  

Next First Monday Trade Days... Laurie Anna's will be waiting.
July 31 - August 3rd.
Go to their site here. You can shop online too.


  1. Oh I could seriously do some damage to my bank account in a Shop like this! *LOL* So much Eye Candy and so Beautifully presented!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Oh wow they let you take pictures?! I have asked just so I can remember a vignette or two but they usually say no. I'm with you, I could spend my last dime in there. Did I tell you that my sister in law and I think it's kind of like people who go gambling...you have to take cash and limit yourself. :)

    1. You have to ask permission at the front desk. Yep, I take cash and then still go over!

  3. Que lugar maravilhoso, cheio de coisas linda. Amei.
    Tenha um ótimo dia.


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