Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Party Food

Great party food ideas and even prettier displays.

Let's start with dessert, why don't we.  
Nothing Bundt Cakes, a large red velvet with chocolate chunks and little chocolate and lemon buntletts.  The girls made the pretzel sticks and rice crispie treats the night before.

The beverage bar was set with water, mommy mosa's and coffee.

The main table was loaded with a dill dip bread bowl.

Fresh fruit and a decadent potato casserole.  I'm glad I found out afterwards what was inside.  
Next post I will give you the breakfast sandwich recipe.

How cute are these hand stamped napkins?
Every detail was perfect.  Burlap bows, wooden crates to help with different levels to display the food.  They used the babies name and baseball sussies were everywhere. 


  1. And who doesn't love a party! Great table top display, very cute!

  2. Looks so good!!!! I love that it is breakfast items! What I wouldn't give to have one of those bundt cakes right now!!


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