Sunday, January 6, 2013

Season Three !

Tonight Downton

I'll be wearing these and drinking this and I won't move the entire time.  Don't even try to call me after 8PM.

Three happy ? sisters


Everyone's favorite Grand-mama

My first glimpse at the dress!

And for those of you over the pond.  I am so jealous that you have already finished watching season three!  So not fair. I have tried not to listen to spoilers.  But, sadly I have heard one big one. 

Don't burst my bubble anymore.  You can just tell me that Season Three was the best yet.
Does anybody else watch?


  1. I don't but I want to. I am ready to get season one and two and just watch them all!

  2. I can't wait and I haven't read or listened to any spoilers. I just told MyHero that football (or whatever) ends on the family room TV at 8pm pronto....xo Diana

  3. Last year I ordered the dvds for season one and two from Netflix. I loved that I could watch one episode after the other. Then when I was done, I realized season three was six months away!! I'm so happy it's here and I taped it so I can watch it tonight. I haven't read any spoilers but I have watched the preview show they had on a couple weeks ago with Angela Landsbury. I'm not sure I can stand to wait every week for the next episode!

  4. Hello Lori, I just started taping the series. I will have to get the boxed set t catch up.

  5. I don't watch that show but my mom does. I've heard it is really good. I might need to tune in sometime to see what it's all about.


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