Monday, October 8, 2012

Waiting, waiting, patiently

We ALL are waiting.  We pray these babies enjoy some more time to get ready to meet their Mom and Dad.  We pray for a safe and beautiful delivery.  We pray for new families.  We are thankful for the joy this pregnancy has brought. This time next week my daughter becomes a Mother, she and Michael a family of four and lots of Great Grands, Grands and Aunts and Uncles will be created.  Every Moment Thank God.

 Unplanned matching outfits, really!
Is it doctor's orders to keep hospital rooms at freezing degrees!?  Note the polar fleece and socks.  I bet even Hadley and Layton feel the chill.  

Harper's Mom came by with a cute pumpkin.  I brought flowers in bud form, so they can enjoy them opening and lasting for the next week.  Bloom little girls!

Please pray along with us.


  1. I've been praying for Ann and Michael! Praying for a safe delivery, rested parents, and perfectly healthy precious baby girls. Those two little girls are so blessed to have Ann and Michael as parents, and you all as grandparents. When Ann and I cheered in high school, I always knew she would make an incredible mother. How special it is that you were able to have twin girls, and your sweet daughter, one of your twins, is having sweet twin girls of her own. Such a special bond you all will share. I am so very happy for you and for them. I can't wait to see those sweet little girls. Keep us posted!

  2. Lori,
    Oh...what a happy time!!! I will be sure to pray for your daughter and her babies.


  3. The pumpkin matches your tops beautifully!!!

    And yes, I will be praying! We've had twins so I know how daunting and eciting this waiting time is - I bet you'll be a wonderful grandmother!


  4. And all the crazy bloggers who feel a part of this miracle!!! :-) Sending prayers their way. These are some lucky lucky little girls and I can't WAIT to see them!!!!

  5. So exciting! Wishing you all the best-enjoy:@)

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  7. Praying for y'all! Can't wait to see those 2 sweet little faces.


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