Friday, October 12, 2012

Boo y'all

Boo Y'all. Say it ... it is fun to say!  You did didn't you?

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  1. Your sign cracked me up. Was it made out of state? Only someone outside of Texas wouldn't know how to spell Y'all !! Looks cute! I was born and raised in Austin and moved to PA 13 years ago...but I sure miss my Texas.

    1. Thanks Tracee. I never noticed that my sign was painted wrong. I bought it a craft fair in Texas somewhere. Boo Y'all!

  2. Ha!!!! That is funny! Cute display!! How are you doing Lala? How are all the girls, Ann Marie included!

  3. I love how you use a witch hat as decoration. What you should make is a witch out of straw then decoration her. That would be great.



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