Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Louisiana Tech ~ Go Bulldogs!

I need to brag a bit on my Alma Mater, Louisiana Tech University.  They are silently beating some really big football teams.
Louisiana Tech is located in Ruston, LA.  Way up north.  I love college football and you will find me in front of the TV and following ESPN on my phone to keep up with all my favorite teams.

This was last Saturday night.

Since they are a smaller division one college, enrollment around 11,000.  They don't get much press.

They just might be noticed now.

Week 5

LA Tech 44 ~ Virginia 38 (BCS team)

Week 4

LA Tech 52 ~  Illinois 24 (BCS team)

Week 3

LA Tech  56 ~ Rice 37

Week 2

LA Tech 56 ~ Houston 49

Week 1

LA Tech/TX A&M

(Hurricane cancelled their game that will replay on Oct. 13th)

Thanks to all the loyal fans out there.  It pays to hang in there. This is the first time since 1975 that the Bulldogs have started off their season 4-0!  Go DAWGS!  Up next the University of Las Vegas.  I'll roll the dice and place my bet on the LA Tech Bulldogs!  

LA Tech graduates/one attending from my family.
Me, my sister Joanie, my daughter Ann Marie and attending now my niece Rachel.


  1. They really are having a great season, so far!! I am sure spirit is at an all-time high!!!

  2. Congrats! It's always nice when our favorite teams have a good year-enjoy:@)

  3. Lori - I didn't know you went there! My former boss graduated from there. He is older than you though. Mom and I drive thru on our way to the 127 Sale!


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