Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Antique hunting

I had time to myself on Saturday and hit a few a my favorite antique spots.

My only purchase a hard back Webster dictionary in great condition from 1965.  Put me back two bucks. I told my friend about it and she said, check it out the word recycle is not in there.  And sure enough it's not.  I just felt that with spell check and googling these books will become a thing of the past. I added my name to the inside cover along with whoever Lee Lightfoot is.  I am now history in the making.  :)

Other shopping goodies that didn't come home with me.  

My teacup collection is pretty much complete.  Thank goodness because I could have taken a bunch of these home.  

This plateful of silver caught my eye.

Never heard of this coffee before.  This was the cheeriest booth in the first place I stopped in old downtown Carrollton, TX. 

I moved onto a huge mall in Lewisville.  Two of these great chandeliers.  

I thought this bamboo table/bar was in great shape.

The great colors of these old planters, probably came filled with flower arrangements from florists.

These old chalkboards were fun and I think that is my old doll house.  Mom is that not still in your attic?  You could get fifty bucks for it.

The Easter bunny would put one of these in the girl's baskets each year.  After seeing the current prices on these, I have warned each girl to wrap them carefully when putting them away now.  Easter bunny only had to pay a fourth of these prices.  

Oh those baby things are calling me, will the Tennison twins be boys or girls or one of each?  Then I can really start shopping.  My daughter is doing well and they may find out pretty soon what they will be!  


  1. Cute shop. Never thought about certain words not being in the older dictionaries. I need to look at mine.

  2. I have an old dictionary too. It belonged to my sister 3 years younger than I when she was in elementary school. I WAS using it every.single.day. Now I check the spelling by opening a new tab and 'binging' it. The dictionary has my sister's name and address in the front. It is old and tattered and has been around a LONG time....but I love holding it in my hand!

    The shops look so interesting. AND they are in the DFW area! I look forward to browsing someday!

    1. See below reply for directions to shopping.

  3. Looks like you had a fun day! We have Chase and Sanborn coffee here in Philly, the can sure doesn't look like that any more:@)

  4. I spied some good stuff there Lori! Loved the tea cups!~

  5. If you have time to yourself this weekend come see us in McKinney!

  6. Those shops looked like lots of fun Lori. Where are they? My sister and I are always looking for good vintage shops when she comes to visit, which may be June this year. Loved the baby dishes I glimpsed ~ I have Beatrix Potter and Buunykins plates that I just love.

    1. Downtown Carrollton, off I35 take Beltline exit, it is on your right. Then back on I35 towards Lewisville, take 121 exit right after Corporate turn left under 35 and then mall is on your right in an old shopping center. If you keep going on 121 CCA , Christian Community Action is on your left. (think Goodwill). Happy Shopping. Lori


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