Sunday, May 13, 2012

What is it?

I know your ten year old children will not even know what this is.  But, we all have those ugly phone wall mounts.  If you are like me and went cell phones only about three years ago you have this problem.  What to do with those ugly wall mounts?

These Italian guys are helping me out.  Find a canvas painting or decoupage a family photo over a canvas maybe.  No nails needed, this one just slipped right over the ugly jack.

tada! I love these two!  We also love not having the home phone message light on for the messages that we never listened to.  


  1. LOL- What a great idea. We still have house lines because hubby does business out of the house- xo Diana

  2. Perfect solution! We still have a home phone but we are so bad about checking messages on it!

  3. Ha! I had to laugh at this, Lori. We had one that I covered up at our old house, too.

  4. Great idea, Lori! You would never guess there was a phone mount under the picture!


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