Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Martini's, Memories and M&Ms

Our tradition.  When Barbara and I have a child getting married we have a fun night a couple evenings before the big event.

I started the tradition when her first son got married.  We traveled to Hot Springs, AR.  I met her in her hotel room and brought white chocolate martini's and a bag of M&Ms.  We laughed, we talked and reminisced.  It was the calm before the storm of fun wedding activities.  It is now known as our M&M night.
We added another M to the mix this year, we talked about our menopause moments :).

She brought me a fleur de lis martini glass the weekend that our second daughter was married and M&M's of course.  

So for the past weekend I made very special glasses with an etched treatment.   I have always wanted to try glass etching and since I am planning on being called LaLa for my grandmother name and she is YaYa for hers, we now have personalized glasses.  My gift to her for the night included the glasses, M&M's and a heart shaped pillow with the word memories printed on it. 

Etching is easy, but I had to apply the etching cream four times to get the look I wanted.   I used letter stickers from Michael's and applied them where I wanted the clear glass to remain. I smeared the base of the glass with the etching liquid and left on the glass for way longer than the instructions stated.   Rinsed of with water and peeled off the stickers once I achieved the level of etching that I desired.  

The pillow was perfect, sorry I forgot my camera.  But it was vintage looking and had burlap stitched on it, with the word memory printed in the center.  Which was a major theme for her daughter's wedding.  Another successful, fun M&M night together.  And we each have a single child left to have weddings!  So at least two more M&M nights.

PS - The martini's were pink of course.  Lemon infused vodka with cranberry juice. 


  1. I am so glad you have a special friend like that- It makes life all worthwhile doesn't it? Those little moments are just the best. Blessings to you- Diana

  2. You truly have the greatest times! Enjoy:@)

  3. I love it! Those are traditions that your families will carry out. That is awesome and I am going to do that with my BFF!

  4. What an absolutely AWESOME tradition!!

  5. You are some funny gals! How fun though! Have a great weekend Lori!~

  6. What a great tradition, Lori! I love the glasses. The LaLa one is my favorite! ; )


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