Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cutting Corners Fabric Sale

I am ready for new curtains in the dining room and kitchen.  So I made a quick stop at my favorite fabric store in Dallas.  Cutting Corners.  

Hmmm... maybe I am nesting for my new grandbabies a bit too.

JOY - they were having a half off their already rock bottom prices.  For you Dallas girls, the sale ends Monday at 5:30.  
Eye candy below.

I started sending pictures from my phone (wonderful technology!) to my decorator daughter. And began getting back a few negative comments.  So guess what, I cut swatches and she is going back with me today.  I also was grabbing white and cream swatches for my daughter that is expecting twins.  A nursery to decorate how fun.  

I wish I could think of something to do with the black and white above.  Love it!

The green and brown came home with me for the kitchen.  I got the OK from my decorator. wink, wink.  Anybody want the palm tree valance let me know.  

Before and after coming soon.

Update: ended up using a different fabric here.  See the finished kitchen eating area here.
And how hubby said no to black shutters.


  1. Twins? Congratulations! I've been gone way too long.

  2. HOW EXCITING!!!! Looks like I've been gone far too long as well! Twins are such a double blessing!

  3. ooh! I like it! That black and white fabric is gorgeous, too. Don't you need to re-do a room or something so you can use it? ;0)


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