Sunday, February 12, 2012

Neighbors and a Valentine dinner

We had our neighbors over for dinner.  I just had to go with red, hearts and tulips.

Strawberries and champagne with dessert

I saved these bottles from our favorite lemonade.  Each lady went home with a bottle of tulips. Wink, wink! 

Next time you see these mini salt and pepper shakers, grab them all.  I have enough for everyone to have their own, no passing needed.  

I had champagne being chilled, but a guest brought a sweet red dessert wine that was perfect and bubbly.  

Of course a little fleur de lis love, Mardi gras is on its way. 

These are my most fun recent purchases, butter dome thingies.  I found them at Ross over the holidays.  

The kitchen island got in on the action too.

Blue hour about to creep in through the window.  Candles lit and ready for dinner.

I always forget to take picture once everyone arrives.  But our simple menu below.

Antipasto hors d'oeuvres served at the kitchen bar

Cucumber tomato, feta cheese salad

Lasagna and garlic bread

Tiramisu (my first try) people asked for seconds!  Yay!
A la Carte Entertaining - box recipe 

Silver chargers (had)
white plates ~ IKEA
Champagne flutes - Pier One
Napkins - Rose Tree
Red water glasses - Pier One
Mini red glass hearts - Pier One
Red candle holders - Pier One
(OK already - we did have an Pier One outlet nearby, sadly closed)
Silver tray - wedding gift
Silver bowl ~  Ann Marie's senior year cheerleading gift
Oops Ann Marie do you want it now?


  1. How awesome Lori! What a pretty table setting you made for your guests. Love the bottles too. I like using bottles as well for the flowers, just adds an unexpected element. CUte napkin rings too.

  2. My husband loves those little s&Ps....I wish I could find some with gold lids!! Your table looks beautiful and I bet you all had a great time!

  3. What a BEAUTIFUL post!! I loved every pic!!

  4. Gorgeous, sweet and thoughtful! I love all the candles with the red lampshades all lit up and every time I see a fleur de lis now, I think of you!!!

  5. Your table is gorgeous. I know your evening must've been fun!

  6. Just beautiful, Lori....I love everything here.
    I am having a dinner for friends next week and I am going to buy some tulips and put in cute little bottles, just like you did. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Happy Valentines Day...

  7. are such a good hostess! Happy Valentines Day.

  8. What a fabulous table and a fabulous menu! I am sure you are the hostess with the mostess! Everything is perfect and I love the party favor of the tulips. What a fun vase to get to keep too!


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