Saturday, February 4, 2012

Last year we had ice and snow

... and we had the superbowl in town.

Now the first weekend in February,  the pansies are happy.
The azalea bush is starting to bloom.

The fish are enjoying hanging out in the sunshine.
And I think the wild violets, that were given to me by a dear friend, are going to make it.

Little bunch of violets, they died off a bit, but are going to come back strong. 

I'm sure we will have a few more cold snaps, but I am enjoying this mild winter.  Headed to Canton, TX today too.  In my next post watch for the great stuff we found at Laurie Anna's Vintage home.


  1. This year we have superbowl in town. No flowers blooming but it's a lot warmer than it could be. I love your beautiful violets. They are some of my favorite flowers. I hope your trip is delightful.

  2. Isn't this weather funny? I was just out looking at my plants in the backyard...thriving in February! Yep, last year, it was all ice and snow!

  3. Oh yes loving this weather! "I don't DO cold weather" very well! We have flowers blooming and trees are budding! Have fun shopping!

  4. We live in Fort Worth and went to the Stock Show today. Last year was crazy!

  5. The flowers look happy, it's nice to see the great colors-enjoy:@)


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