Friday, February 17, 2012 bedding

We have been complaining about our comforter for a while now.  It had a satin underside and would slip off the bed during the middle of the night. Depending on who pulled the hardest, it slid right over to their side.  And it really only needed for someone to roll over and the comforter went with them.  You don't think of these things when you buy one. 

Out with the old - only about a year old, but hating it.  Long king sized shams, a jumble of pillows, just because, that is how they usually ended up.  

In with the new....

I first found the quilted coverlet at Homegoods.  Popular item and hard to find one that didn't have a busy pattern or color.   It works! It does not slide and stays right in place all night long, and cozy warm too.  I found a light tan quite neutral one.  The grid pattern is nice.  I think the brand was called Gramercy Hill.  

We had the fluffy throw in dark chocolate brown.  The pillows are from my favorite outlet.  Rose Tree. I went with three euro square shams and a smaller print pillow in front of each.  

I have talked about the quality of these before.  Love the ruffled edge the braid trim.  Nice heavy weight polished cotton on the small ones. 

And if I am longing for a splash of color in the summer I can flip the Euro's over and add a colored small square to the mix.  This foral side is really the front, but I was attracted to the back brown pattern.

Hubby makes the bed each morning, I think the three by three pillow arrangement will be much easier.  

The small pillows were the bargain, they were found in the five dollar bins.  I had to dig to find three matching ones, oh the thrill of the hunt.  Uh, ohh.. looking at this photo I might need to paint the walls a more vibrant color........ but for now, I love it!


  1. Looks cozy! And no more slipping off at night now. Gosh I hate that feeling.

  2. Lori, looks great! I can just imagine the slippery one would have been on the floor when I woke up in the morning. :) Your new one looks similar to one I found at Tues. AM. If it is I love it! Hope all is well with you.

  3. It's pretty, Lori! I like the pillows lined up 3 in row.


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