Tuesday, January 17, 2012

We caught the blue hour

Last weekend, we caught the blue hour while sitting outside under blankets in the back yard.  

Burning old Christmas tree boughs really makes for a great display.

Hope you had a warm weekend or at least a warm fire to sit by.


  1. Lori for some reason blogger isn't letting me comment on your prior posts, but i had time this morning to catch up on all my favorites...and you are definately one of them...read all your posts that i missed over the very busy last month we have had, loved your christmas posts and your favorites of the year, it was nice to take a look back, and i gotta try that bread recipe, perfect for the up coming football weekends! This blue sky is unreal...i don't think we have a blue hour up here in the NW...

    1. I think you do, you just have to be quick to catch it. I know vignette designs has caught it in Cali.

  2. Gorgeous photos!!!! I love the blue hour!

  3. Replies
    1. You will look for it now now and I bet you can catch it too.

  4. Awesome night Laurie, I love the blue nights too!


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