Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mardi Gras Ball

Lucky us got invited to a Mardi Gras Ball in Alexandria, LA.   It was so much fun and wow the work that must go into one of these events.  No wonder they need a whole "krewe" to make these things happen.  I made and took favors for the guests at our table.  Mardi Gras Pins.  They looked great on the guys tux lapels.

I bought the fleur de lis charms at Michael's. ~ My Michael's craft store no longer will take one Michael's coupon and a Joanne's coupon in the same transaction.  I'm a little mad at Michael's for that.  But, of course I just drop in for back to back visits and get that extra 40% off. Or take someone along that can stand in line behind me to make a second purchase.  Bit of a hassle, anyway I digress.

I had all the ribbon and the peacock feathers already.  Tied them together with florist tape in little bundles.  They looked great against a black tux.

Now for the before and after of me.  My Mom was the photographer, sorry for a bit of a blur.  Next time I will make her use the timer to help cut down on her shake.  Her shake is partly due to her CIDP, which thankfully is in remission right now.  

Getting ready for the ball at Mom's house.

and the transformation.  

A bit better picture of me and my date.  Pretty handsome fella if you ask me.  You did ask didn't you?

More Ball fun to follow, stay tuned.


  1. WOW what a hottie couple you two are. Beautiful. I love your craft too, very cute Lori!

  2. You guy's look fabulous!! I love the pins you made!

  3. Lori, those pins are fabulous!! Oh, how I miss living in Louisiana!! You and your Mr. look fabulous!! Can't wait to see more!!

  4. I am in love with those pins and I can only imagine how awesome they looked popped against a black tuxedo!! Gorgeous!!! But... not as gorgeous as YOU!!! You look so beautiful and you two are a gorgeous couple!

  5. Lori, looks like fun. I have several friends who grew up in Alexandria. ~ Sarah

  6. Oooh, don't you look gorgeous!! The pair of you are stunners!! I bet you had the best night ever!


  7. So fancy! You look beautiful. And your date is handsome too:)


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