Saturday, January 7, 2012

Church stained glass window

My husband was raised in the church that this window came out of.  When they built their present location they removed and sold the stained glass windows from the original downtown church.  My in-laws purchased two.  My husband's brother has one and my husband brought ours home last week.   It is quite large.  For now it is here and I think it goes pretty well here.  Even picks up colors from the curtain that I already had.

It is a simple craftsman style to me.  I wish I could find a picture of the windows in the actual church.  I know it is close to a hundred years old.  Calvary Baptist in Alexandria, LA.  

Nickie has had it for years and had a light behind it on her fireplace hearth.  She used it as a night light. I am holding it in place with floral gum.  Two pieces at the top behind the wood and two pieces on each bottom corner.  It will not budge and Texas doesn't have big earthquakes, so I guess we are OK.

Love this picture with all the lights off and just natural light shining through.  Shows off the real color and beauty.  Sigh.

Here is window area above our master spa tub before.

Love the after.  Almost like it was custom made for this spot.

Edited ~ Nickie told me that the church was built in 1925.   So this window is 87 years old.  She said when they purchased them, they were not framed out and they had to have that done.  Actually, they only purchased one and years later a friend gave them one of theirs.   Lucky us, each son is able to have one.  She also says next time I see her, (next weekend) she has a picture of the window hanging in the church.   I can't wait to see that.

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  1. Beautiful window!! Love, love stained glass!! You've been gifted with some wonderful history too!

  2. What a beautiful window and you found the perfect spot for it!!

  3. I really love that new "old" stained glass window. It adds so much character to your bathroom. That was a good idea to use floral gum to secure it. I never thought of that before. (make note to self) I think it's even more special by the story behind it too.

  4. How pretty...and such a lovely addition to your bathroom, Lori! I hope your 1012 is off to a great start! Happy Saturday...hugs...Debbie

  5. Such a beautiful window. I love it and the colors are perfect. Hugs, Marty

  6. So pretty!!! I love that it came from somewhere special! It has history!

  7. That is absolutely gorgeous and I love the sentimentality to it! Perfect!

  8. Oh I LOVE it....I love stained glass! Enjoy!

  9. I have always, always, always ALWAYS wanted a stained glass window someplace in my home! The fact that this one came from your hubby's childhood church makes is SO extra special, Lori. It is BEAUTIFUL & is truly perfect for the spot you placed it.
    I think I know what I'm going to hint for my birthday. ~~grin~~


  10. Hi Lori! Oh, the window is beautiful and precious it came from your husband's church. It looks great in your bathroom!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;0

  11. Love the window!

  12. That is a beautiful window Lori and the perfect spot for it. I think it is especially nice that it has meaning for your family.

  13. It's gorgeous! It's a nice piece of your husband's history.

  14. What a wonderful treasure you have! I love stained glass in the bathroom as it still lets the light in, but provides privacy as well. The colors in your window are beautiful.

  15. Gorgeous. I'd love to find something like that for my huge picture window.

  16. The stained glass is stunning, and looks perfect in that window. Great that it's already framed so you can simply hang it inside your window frame.

  17. This is so lovely and I adore the story behind it. What a precious piece of history! Thanks for sharing about your brother. My daughter with DS is now 18!! I am also now following your wonderful blog.

  18. That stained glass goes well with the dark brown curtain. Placing it on the master bathroom is brilliant. That way, while natural light is allowed to come in, privacy is still maintained for the bathroom occupants..

    Sandra Ludwig

  19. I think the same way as you do, Lori. The stained glass fits your bathroom window perfectly. It seems like it was custom-made for it. The color of the stained glass window matches your paint and curtain. Altogether, they create a pleasant view.

    Leif Clancy


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