Thursday, December 8, 2011

Only took four days

I was under pressure to get the tree up and decorated by the weekend.  So I can spend all weekend shopping and baking.  Plus we have a Christmas party to attend on Saturday.

Monday night in the freezing, windy cold weather, Lynley and I headed out in search of this year's perfect tree.  We found it quickly, the cold weather helped with that.

Here it is all naked.  You know the routine, pull out all your boxes and check the lights.  I even bought extra lights this year, I still don't think I have enough.  

I started with the topper and my new red glitter angels on high look great with a red and green bow attached.  

Then added all of our glass ornaments.  I don't have little ones around anymore or yet again, so breakable it is for our tree.  Only one broke during the decorating.  I confess, it was me.

I wish I could show close ups of them all, they are all fun and bright against the lights.

At the bottom is the tree skirt.  I get to look at it for a bit because soon will be covered with wrapped gifts.  

After I looked at the decorated tree, I removed the ribbon streamers.  They took away from the ornaments, lights and shape of the tree. 

Yep, much better without the ribbon.  Once again the perfect tree (we say that every year).

Partying with
2805 and her Christmas Tree party
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  1. Lori, what a pretty tree! If you only broke one ornament, in the process of decorating, you're a pro! I broke 3!! I love your tree both ways...with and without the streamers! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your tree is just beautiful! Love the way it all looks.

  3. I agree the perfect tree. Happy Christmas

  4. Oh Lori, I love your tree, it's so festive and joyous! I love your tree both ways, with and without the streamers, it's just pretty, so everything looks great! Merry Christmas. FABBY

  5. Ahhh...A BEAUTIFUL "REAL" tree! Love it!

  6. Your tree is beautiful and festive! The picture of the lights strung out across the floor is so cute!

    Thank you for linking to the Christmas Party at Potpourri Friday!

  7. Your tree looks the topper!! I just got finished last night...three days that's all I did glad it's all done!!!


  8. Your tree looks better than ours. We got a live tree, too and not sure it will last till Christmas. Maybe it will. May have to go back to a fake tree next year.

  9. Lori, your tree is beautiful! The last picture is especially pretty. I agree, I like it better without the streamers. You did a great job!

  10. I love a live tree! It looksa
    so grand in your home!

  11. I love yout tree! I hope you will join my "Parade of Christmas Trees" party on the blog next week!

  12. Hi Lori! I do love your tree and yes, it is perfect. I saw your post over at the tree party at 2805...the thumbnail picture really got me to stop and look at this clever.

  13. What a gorgeous tree!!! So elegant! That tree topper is amazing.
    I also scrolled down to see your beautiful silver and white mantel. Absolutely beautiful!!! That wreath is to die for! : )

  14. I agree that the last shot of the tree is the best! Gorgeous real tree, Lori. Ya did good!


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