Thursday, September 8, 2011

My sister turns 50 this month!

I say that gleefully, because she is finally joining me and my decade.  So we had a dinner when a bunch of the family was in town for the LSU-Oregon game.  Geaux Tigers! The win over Oregon began the weekend and her party topped it off.  Enjoy some fun pictures below.

A friend of mine called and said she had 50 red hats.  I said bring them on over and we used them to decorate the front yard.   They were supposed to be propped on the dowels but tropical storm Lee was in Louisiana and blowing winds all the way to Dallas, (no rain though).  We had to slide the hats down the sticks so they wouldn't blow away.  But great fun when Joanie arrived.  There is a club you can join when you turn fifty, I think it is called the Red Hat Club... I'm not a member, but I hear they have fun get togethers. 

I got to bring out some of my fancy stuff.

I love my silver tray that I sprayed with chalkboard paint.  The chalkboard markers from Hobby Lobby are highly recommended and they wipe off just like chalk.

I used my ice bucket that we found at Round Top Flea Market.  Did I mention we are going back the end of this month?! My Mom has one of these ice buckets, I begged for it, but she isn't ready to give it up yet.  So I was so glad when Joanie and I spied the one below at Round Top.  Now she and my sister Jill can fight Mom for hers.

As the evening got late the vinyl 50 confetti decorations got moved from the tables to our foreheads.  They looked really cute on my niece and a friend.

Not one picture of the birthday girl.  Once the party starts I always forget to take pictures.

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  1. Happy B-Day to your sister, looks like another great party:@)

  2. Looks like fun. Cute idea with the hats. I know they have that club here, too, but I am not a member either. Happy birthday to your sister. Mine is coming up Saturday.

  3. Happy 50th to your sister. My younger sister turns 50 in've given me a great idea with the hats. My mom belongs to a Red Hat club and those ladies (most of them in their 80's) have a wonderful time getting together once a month!

  4. I LOVE this!!! Happy 50th to Joanie! Mine is slipping up on me too...shhh! I wonder if I can get through it without anyone noticing?! P.S. GEAUX TIGERS!!!

  5. Happy Birthday to your sister Lori!! Welcome her to the club! Love the hats in your yard. That was too funny.

    I have the exact same ice bucket from my mom. That must have been the go to present in the 50's. LOL

  6. Happy birthday to your sister! It looks like a fun party. Those red hats are a hoot!

  7. That is the cutest idea EVER to use the red hats! Looks like a wonderful time was had by all.

  8. It looks like a fun party. I love the red hats. I've never seen that done before. I actually saw some red hat ladies when I had lunch at Olive Garden recently.

  9. Oh my gosh - I loved the red hats!!! What an original touch!

    Happy 50th to your sister!

    I'm your newest follower! :)


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