Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, but which wall

I promised I would show you where my new round mirrors ended up.  

Here is the story line.

Hubby and decorator daughter (to be called DD) asked me "what was up with my big blank wall in the dining room."?  Hey, I was in the formulating ideas stage. Gimme a break.

I bought some IKEA mirrors, rearranged some things, then I did this and DD said no, no.  Mirrors too far apart and too high.

Then I made a million more nail holes in the wall and added an additional layer of something with texture.  Once again I got an absolutely not from DD.  But I do agree with where she and twin daughters decided to put the Mossy K.  See HERE.

So we they decided the best place for the mirrors was on a tall narrow piece of space right by the front door as you walk into the house.  Group decisions work much better at my house.  A side effect of having three daughters I guess.  Any of you with all boys, do they comment or care about what you decorate with?

Artsy picture first. Just in case you are standing behind the candelabra on the wall, this is what they look like from that vantage point.  Can you see the stripe painted walls?  Same exact color paint, just one is flat and one is a satin finish.  See that project here.

DD daughter is happy and I am too.  I always have liked a mirror by the door as you are going out of the house.

Now big huge wall is back to the way it was when we moved in.  But of course the DD or and the twins agree I need to have these photo's framed in larger black frames.  Bye, bye gold 1980's style.   One day there WILL be a buffet along that wall too.

Hmmm, I will be at Rount Top, Texas flea market very soon.


  1. Those are such pretty mirrors....I need an Ikea close to me. The only time I get to one is when I get to Frisco to see my sisters, and they don't like to go!!
    I do like them hanging in the foyer grouped together.
    As the only woman in our household, yes, I can do just about anything in the decorating department and no one notices. Something can be hanging for weeks and then my son might that new?
    Have a fun weekend.

  2. Hi Lori! What a cute post! I love your mirrors and I think the group decision to hang them by the door is a great one! Glad you had so much help - needed or not! ;)
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Love the mirrors in the entry, they are perfect. Hugs, Marty

  4. love those mirrors, catching up and the 50 hats was just a hoot, what a great idea...sorry about your awful weather and I am sooooo jelous you get to go to roundtop, I did that about 7 years ago and LOVED it!!!

  5. They do look great there! You'll find something for the other wall. Happy hunting!

  6. What I would give to have an Ikea near! I love where you have them and agree it is nice to have a little peek before you go out the door!

  7. Love the mirrors! I liked the monogram too! Round Top? Oh I adore Round Top but we haven't got to go in years. Have fun!!


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