Friday, May 13, 2011

Swiss Avenue Tour

I got to spend last Sunday with my three girls.  We toured some of the Swiss Avenue homes in Dallas and then had lunch at The Porch on Henderson Avenue.  I told the girls not to get me any gifts for Mother's Day that spending time with them was enough!  But I did get flowers, organic herbs to plant, chocolate and an azalea bush too.  This was "the" neighborhood 100 years ago and still is today.  One of the homes is being lived in by the third and fourth generation.  

I wish I had taken pictures of the outside of these homes, but left my camera in the car.  It was a gorgeous day, You could hop on and off the shuttle buses and horse drawn carriage rides.  We walked and Lynley got sunburned.  

This was one of the smaller homes on Gaston Avenue and below is what is left of the flowers from Melissa.  Thanks Ann Marie, Melissa and Lynley!  

Found this favorite thing at Goodwill, Pottery from London, almost 100 years old.  See it all here.

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  1. What a fun day! I love that part of Dallas. My aunt and uncle live just east of there in Lakewood so we are in that area occasionally. When I was a kid, we went to one of the stately homes on Gaston to buy a Yorkie puppy. At the time, I thought the owners of that home must have been the richest people on earth.

  2. I have done the home tours and it is so much fun! What a lovely mother's day gift!


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