Saturday, May 14, 2011

I'm so glad people make donations

Then I get to come across them at a Goodwill or a resale shop.  

Here are my latest little finds.

Frankoma pottery piece, love the western branding.  This was a company from Oklahoma, they have since gone out of business.  

The below was all taped together, I just wanted the bottom piece.

It is way tiny, see below, it is the mini me to the larger one I found about two months ago.

This basball crytal votive is heavy.  I don't know the mark on the bottom, do you?

This just because it had Made in the USA and we are supposed to be boycotting imports this month.
Plus it was green and transferware, it might go with my Christmas plates I have been collecting. The Old Curiosity Shop.  Hmmm, makes me curious?

Small blueish vase from Italy, got it just cause it was cute!

I was hoping these would shine up with silver polish, some vintage cocktail glasses.  A set of six.  Silver and shiny after a little polishing.  The before and after below.

Now here is the fun part.

Frankoma plate $1.49
Taped together glassware - $1.49
Crystal Baseball holder - $1.49
Green plate - 75% off .62 cents
Small blue glass jar - $1.49
Silver rimmed glasses - .59 cents each

My favorite thing - the plate.  I do live in Texas ya'll.


  1. I need to get out and go down there today, the hubs already made a trip down there from cleaning his garage, two older TV and bunch of other stuff went, shouldn't have with him, who knows I might have found some fun stuff like you did!

  2. Oh my, such nice finds! Wow!, for so little. I love the mini me dish that goes with your bigger one, really great! The glasses look realy terrific after cleaning them! I like all your finds and yeah, like almost for nothing!

  3. Lovin' your new mini-me Lori! Looks like you had a fun day thrifting:@)

  4. Hi Lori, I'm jealous! Look at all your pretties! Man, I can't believe the prices either. We just don't get that kind of deal around here.
    Thanks for popping in to see me and about those dishes - I got a set and a platter. Just think they're too precious.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. Fun finds. I've brought home a few white pieces on my last trip to the thrift store. ;-)

  6. Looks like you had a great dinner party, and everything looks so pretty!

    Lucky you for finding such cute thrifty items! My Goodwill store is truly a Junk store.

    One of these days, I plan to go shopping for pillows at the place you told me about.


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