Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bubble Bath Wisdom

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As babies
We start out in those sink tubs and graduate up.  I remember at my grand-mothers house they would bring up pots of hot water from the kitchen to warm the water.  Did they not have hot water upstairs?  Or maybe just not enough in the water tank to heat a bath.

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Then in our teenage years and twenties we wouldn't dare have time to take a bath.  Showers were it.  We needed the extra time for hair and makeup.

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In our thirties
We spent most of our time on our knees hunched over the tub, scrubbing little ones.
 Mr. Bubble ruled the day.  Once we cleaned the tub, we were too tired to get in one ourselves.

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In our forties
We quickly learned that as soon as the kids fell asleep, we could grab a plastic wine glass of iced down cheap chardonnay, lock the door and quickly fill the tub with whatever was on hand, Mr. Bubble leftovers or Bath and Body works "buy two get one free" bubble bath.  We always kept those on hand for impromptu teacher's gifts.
We would also light leftover Christmas candles, evergreen wonderful scent anytime of the year, right?

Ten minutes later the kids are knocking on the door "Mom what are you doing?  I need a drink of water? Dad said to come get you."

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In our fifties
We take our time to light our very expensive scented candles, and then we have such a decision to make as to which bubble bath to use.  Hmm... I think Body Truffles will do, Decadent Chocolate mint, bubble bath syrup. Imported from Canada.  I will soak in chocolate. (can't eat it anymore, unless it is dark chocolate)  All the while I enjoy an equally expensive glass of red wine, (I take the whole bottle to the bathroom, just in case you know)
While I am soaking I think maybe I need to have a chandelier installed above the tub!

Not one interruption, Calgon take me away.... I remember that commercial because I am in my fifties!  Oh darn, now you know I am in my fifties!  (Very early I might add)

I really have the chocolate mint one, wonderful!  Thanks Tuesday Morning.

Now it's your turn..
What's your favorite part of a soaking bath?  Mine has jets!
What will I need for a bath in my coming years? I know a grab bar to help me out of the tub would be great.  Do those come in designer colors? Scented candles and bubbles not necessary, will I be able to smell them?  I'll be on a budget again so I'll use no scent wax tea lights.  My masseuse said to add epson salt while soaking for aches and pains.  I 'm not there quite yet.

Your turn... let me know your thoughts and favorite tub tales.

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  1. I love this post!!! I have always loved a bath. I remember being a teen and turning on our AM radio station to a local college station that played classic and I would soak in a tub. No bubbles needed! Now the weird thing is that I don't ever like to really bathe in a tub. It just seems awkward to me! I just love to soak and now I have jets! I am fancy schmancy!!!

  2. You speak the truth, Lori.

    I love to soak in a hot tub of water with a cool breeze coming in the window. It is just so relaxing and peaceful.

  3. Fantastic post, Lori!
    In our master bath, we have a door that leads out to a little patio and our hot tub. When I soak in our bathtub during the summer, I like to leave the door open, smell the fresh air and listen to the birds.

    I'm in my 40's and I use Epsom salts all the time!

  4. I love all the different scented bubble baths. I still keep Mr. Bubble around to add a little extra bubble to the scented ones. I like seeing how high I can get the bubbles using the jets. Guess there's still a little girl in me that likes playing in the tub, lol.
    I love your line about being in your fifties very early. I've hit my 40s very early, too.
    I want to try epson salts but wonder if they would mess up the jets.

  5. You got all of the stages just right Lori! I am definitely in the 50's range and can enjoy a long soak in the tub. A good book and a glass of wine and I am set!

  6. In my 20s my husband would walk in the door, take our daughter and say, "Go take a bath." Smart man. He had a happy wife for the evening!

    I hate to burst your bubble about the coming years, but by the time 60 hits you may not be able to get back up after a bath. hehe...not that I would know -- but it's headed that way!


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