Saturday, May 14, 2011

Google reader

Do you use google reader?  I do when I have a ton a blog catching up to do.  You can wiz through them a lot faster, I haven't learned how to leave a comment there though.  

Another thing I learned using google reader, your header is such a part of you. You see G reader doesn't show your blog header or backgrounds, just pictures and fonts.  It is amazing how I relate your blog header and background to you.  Sometimes I have to re-read the title and name to remember who is posting.  

If you use google reader and have learned any tricks let me know.  Lori


  1. I have never done google reader, although I know how to read them through there. I have no clue how to leave comments either.

  2. I use google reader, and if you want to comment, you have to click on the little arrow up by the post title. That takes you directly to the blog and then you can comment. It's an extra step. I just go through really quick and pick out all the blogs I usually comment on, and click on their arrows. I have a whole lineup of blogs to comment on when I'm done. Then I just read the ones that are left after that, and if I want to comment, I do. I think it's faster, but I've never timed it. :)

  3. You sure found some great treasures. Our GW has nothing! And I still keep trying!!

    May I ask a tiny favor for us oldies? I have the hardest time finding where your comments are. I think it is the font color. On my screen there isn't much of a difference. Just a little thought...hope you don't mind.

    Have a great Sunday!

  4. Hi Lori!

    You snagged some great finds while GW Hunting! Love the little matching plate. ~big smile~

    I use Google Reader all the time. I have learned to START my posts with a photo, because if you start one with text, you don't see a photo in Google Reader. I like seeing photos! Same thing about showing up on someone's sidebar.

    I agree with you about the book Sarah's Key. I read it on my own, without the book club & even did a post about it. Perhaps you saw it?>2010/05/sarahs-key-food-for-thought.html


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