Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Neglected Master Bedroom

Every other room in the house has been repainted once, most of them twice.  Why has our master bedroom always taken the back burner.  Not this weekend.  She got a new coat of paint, lot's of stuff taken out and not coming back in.  Now what to do about all the blank walls?

Just a few shots of the master bedroom.  Oh by the way I always forget to take before pictures, so these really are during the move around, out and prep stage.

Curtains will stay, bed has to stay in this location.

Old TV location

Inherited from family chest of drawers, hubby refuses to let me paint, but does look better without the flash.

The carpet looks bad, because well, the carpet is bad.  It is on our wish list.

New color on right, much lighter and brighter.  Nomadic Desert, Sherwin Williams

Have you ever used this stuff... really works, I mud first, when dry you tape over and you paint right over the tape.  Can't even tell it is there.

A fresh new corner of the room
The chair I needlepointed when I was pregnant with my third daughter.  Took me the whole pregnancy, I call it the Lynley chair.  Really not so pink, but needed to use the flash.

My daughter's Mother-in-law gave me this for Christmas.  Do I need to read between the lines?  ABC's of aging gracefully??

Alligator suitcase my husband bought before we were married.  A good place to rest my new nook book that I got for my birthday. It is tucked inside the fancy new cover/holder thing. My sister got one too so we can share books!

Side table below will be painted.  Kim at Savvy Southern Style just gave me some glazing tips.

Much Better TV area.

The old beauty of a chest cleans up nice.

Drapes get to stay, I love them. They are more of a mossy green. 

I adore our sleigh bed, the detail on the headboard and wood pattern is unique.

A great match to the arch of the bed is our crescent window.  Fun to watch the seasons change through there.

That's a tiny tour.  I love walking in there today.  All clean and fresh paint!  It is a huge room and took a little over a gallon of paint.  But lucky for me the paint covered well and only needed one coat.


  1. Have fun Lori...I look forward to the reveal.

  2. That looks like a huge room and lots of high spaces to paint!! Quite a project but it looks great, I love the color! I need to redo our master bedroom too and brighten it up....on my to do list!!

  3. Looks great Lori! Guess what we did last weekend?? Paint our master bedroom! It has been the one neglected room in our house. Guess what I did yesterday? Repaint the bedroom! I hated the first color I picked. The second color is so much better. Now it's time to move back in today!

  4. OMGsh I love those drapes too. . . love! It looks like your bedroom is huge and spacious!

  5. Hi Lori! I can't wait to see! I love that bed...gorgeous! And that alligator suitcase...fabulous! Keep us posted! I hope you are having a great week!...hugs...Debbie

  6. I LOVE that chest! It's beautiful. And the suitcase is so cool.

    It'll be fun to see how it all looks when you're done.

  7. I like the chest very much! It is so nice to have a freshened up bedroom and yours looks nice and comfy!

  8. Oh Lori, it looks so nice and I love THE corner. The chair is sweet and I love that you completed it while expecting your daughter.

  9. Looks great Lori! There's nothing like the smell of fresh paint, is there?

  10. So glad the paint needed only one coat. I saw the glazing tutorial too. I have a friend who wants me to help with her kitchen. Big job, but have fun with it!

  11. my daughter's room is the one that's been neglected and I just painted it on Monday! feels so good to have that done! nothing makes a room look new like a fresh coat of paint!

  12. Great paint job Lori! I love those drapes too!

  13. Hi Lori! Oh, your bedroom is looking wonderful. What a nice color too! Love your furniture! Your bed is so beautiful and the chest is so lovely. My mother has a bedroom suite like that. Your crescent window is so lovely! I'll bet you slept well in that fresh room! :)
    Thanks fr popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  14. Sorry I missed this post, Lori. You have been painting, too. It does make a room fill clean and fresh doesn't it. I love that chest that you put the t.v. on. Pretty wood. I don't think I could paint that either.


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