Thursday, January 27, 2011

Husband looking over my shoulder!

OK - we all have the family members make comments about "the blog"!  Hubbie was looking over my shoulder as I posted about my wonderful, great, cheap white creamers that I found at Goodwill.  He made the comment who would care? Did he realize I only paid 39 cents each?! Geez.... ladies care!

Everytime I shoot a picture now, the family comment is "is it going on your blog?"

So, I had to show hubbie my stats....

269 views on my latest napkins I am using.. haha, YAY!
269 people care about my darn napkins, that makes me so happy!

98 people viewed my post on my creamers!  Inspiration people!

The community ...
Between Naps on the Porch
Savvy Southern Style
My Romantic Home
A Stroll Thru Life

Thanks, Susan, Kim, Cindy and Marty sent me over 300 views this week, thanks ladies.  I average about 700 views each week.  Small to some, but I am proud!  I am a blogger here me roar.

Call it a hobby, call it time consuming, call it insane...hubby is just jealous.  But, heck he is just sitting there watching Seinfeld reruns as I type this post.

Here is the handsome fella I will have been married to for 30 years on February 28th!  Much more improtant than blogging.  So, see you later ladies, I have to go watch Seinfeld for the umpteenth time.

2/28/1981 till forever....
What are your crazy family comments? I mean families crazy comments?


  1. My family makes comments, too. Some positive and some not. My husband is proud of me doing this though he just says I do it alllllll the time. Hey, things are getting done around here.

  2. When my sons come in and see something baked on the table they always ask "can we eat that or do you need to take pictures yet???". Love that!
    Congrats on 30 Lori-enjoy:@)

  3. I think all of our families make comments. Now my hubs kids he is starting a blog...called HI I'm MIKE...then the boys roar in what is so funny???
    We do like your scores, and I do like your napkins.
    I look forward to featuring Terri tomorrow. She is such a sweet lady.

  4. My family asks if pictures will show up on my blog, too. And sometimes when I talk about my blog, I can see everyone's eyes just glaze over. I don't think my husband has ever read my blog, and I try not to let that hurt my feelings. I think he probably views that as respecting my privacy. But sometimes he'll say "you should get a picture of that and use it on your blog."

  5. I think many of friends think I'm nuts. LOL
    Funny what floats our boats! ~ Sarah

  6. I need to go to Goodwill and Dollar Tree tomorrow! I had no idea you could buy Nonni's at Dollar Tree. Soon it will be two years since I started blogging. Still don't have many comments, but I really enjoy the ones I do have.

  7. They are oh soooooo jealous! They don't like to split our time, they have had it completely to themselves, oh well, they haven't got a clue how fun this is and yes, that people care and that many read about your napkins or love that you found those great finds for pennies. I have my husband look at every single post and now he is my biggest supporter. Last night he was downstairs putting the finishing touches on getting ready for a dinner party for 12 (we thought it would be 8) and I was upstairs frantically waiting for Susan at Between Naps on the Porch to open up her linky. He didn't even complain when she opened it up 30 minutes after I began trying.

    We appreciate it and it is fun to have that bond!

  8. Hubby (and dad and brothers) all say the same thing. Every time I pick up my camera "Is this going on the blog?"

  9. My boys CRINGE when I bring the camera out! And the oldest has figured out that if his hair isn't combed and he could use a good shave, I'll leave him alone. :)

  10. Same here! Everytime I pick up the camera! They catch on quick!
    Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary! We're celebrating 29years on March 6th! Where has the time gone!

  11. Blogging is so fun!! I just started this month and I love it so far. We all do care :)

  12. They just don't understand that these fellow bloggers become our friends!


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