Wednesday, November 24, 2010

LSU - Geaux Tigers

Eye of the Tiger!   Had to show you the tired party dogs.  We went to the game the day after the wine party.  They got to lay around and recoup... while we all headed to tailgaiting and the game.

French bread for Poboys!

My Mom and my brother Chris.  Their game seats were in front of the band and Golden Girls.  Of course he loved every minute of that.  

The players entrance!  They unload off buses all dressed up and ready to parade down the hill to the stadium.  Hmmm.... wonder why I centered in on the blonde!  Because he was gorgeous maybe.

Only LSU, about 10 deep just to watch the team walk in, the band makes their entrance down the same street.  

Just had to get a pick of a random Tiger adorable fan!

My neice Rachel was in town on quarter break from LA Tech. 

Mike the Tiger pregame rounds around the stadium in front of student section.

LSU beat Ole Miss! 890 total yards of offense,  a fun game to watch to say the least.  Everyone must put an LSU game on their bucket list.  Way too much fun.


  1. Looks like a fun day at the game. The season is almost over.

    Happy Thanksgiving! La

  2. I love a woman that loves a good football game! LOL, I never liked football till I married my hubby then I fell in love when daughter was a cheerleader. I can even be home, by myself, and watch football - that's how far I've come. On the flip side - Hubby is very patient and will decorate with me when I ask him to.


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