Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pot Party - 2000 follower celebration

Congratulations to Donna at Funky Junk Interiors!

How to celebrate 2000 followers - Wow - Tutorial

1.  Reach the tremendous goal of 2000 by having a wonderful blog, with amazing projects, super great photography, help tutorials for blogland and then dash in bits of life (to make it really real), that's Donna.

2.  Then blogland will celebrate like this... with a pot party, no it is not the 1970's, teracotta pot party of 2010.

3.   Buy these things, most of them you will have on hand, Pots, markers, balloons, champagne, and then call three crazy, nuts, friends that will answer your plea for help to party!  Tell then champagne is involved and this will help, trust me on that one.

4.  Open this first

5.  Design these next

6. Hold these on your head securely with one hand because it is tornado season in Texas and a storm was a brewin' this night.  In the other hand hold the champagne glass and balloons. Then on the count of three drop your hands down and smile.

7.  Finally a toast to Donna in Canada, for her wonderful inspiration and keep it coming!

Thanks, Donna

A side note about my friends,
All I said in my morning email was that I needed nutso friends, that was the message line.
The email said to meet at 6:30 for a pot party and champagne would be involved.  I had all yes answers by noon.
They are amazing women, with great attitudes and always, always ready for some fun.
Oh and the pots with little real flowers in them came in with Kathy as party favors, boy was she ready!
Me on the left, number 2, then Diane, Kathy and Jane.

Thanks friends!

See the rest that joined Donna's Pot Party here... Funky Junk Interiors
also sharing with My Romantic Home for show and tell and how great my friends are.
Can I say that enough?!


  1. What a great way to celebrate 2000 followers! Love the pots! ~Marcy


    Thanks for coming to the pot party gals! Why do I have this weird feeling like I didn't make it even though I'm the one hosting it?!?!?

    I'm still laffin'...

    Thanks for linking up to the (clay) pot party!

    FJ Donna

  3. what great "sports & friends" you have.
    super cute idea!
    love funkyjunk donna~!


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