Sunday, May 9, 2010

My daughter's are wonderful at hostessing!

Ann Marie and Michael's Aunt Debbie hosted a wedding shower at Ann Marie's house.
They did a lovely job.  Melissa has one next month, can't wait to see how
 fabulous that one turns out.
The bride will be Ann Marie's new sister-in-law, Michael's brother is getting
married in July.

My silver chalkboard tray put into action above.

Her house was decorated so cute.  I loved the beveled glass on vases.
She filled the vases with flowers.   All the flowers were white.  Peacock feathers
and colors everywhere else.

An old antique door she bought in Allen.  From a house being torn down.

Yummy food everywhere.

The yogurt bar, served in martini glasses was a smash hit. I may have gone back for 
seconds, hummm ... I can't remember.

We are now calling this the grape tray, because the grapes match the purple
in the handles perfectly.

Even their backyard was bright and festive.

Haven took a little nap in a back bedroom.

Please pray sweet thoughts take home favors, so adorable.

Sorry, I was so busy talking, huh, imagine that.  I missed a picture of the hostesses
with the guest of honor.  Hayley!


  1. oh how pretty ... it looks like you daughter did an amazing job putting the shower together ... the bride to be must have been thrilled!

  2. I love the white and peacock feathers. I have a friend that did that for her wedding a few years back, and she should have had A-M as her event planner. :O)

  3. It all looks so lovely! What a fun party!

  4. Lor that looked so nice...I really like the little round silver chalkboard tray. Hope you enjoyed your Mothers day!!~ Have a great week.


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