Sunday, May 16, 2010

Oklahoma University Graduate!

May 15, 2010

Lynley  - Oklahoma University Graduate!!

Proud parents waiting to see her walk across the stage.

PR, Communications Major, minor in Interior Design
Gaylord College of Mass Communication

Mr. Gaylord and Lynley

I shadow boxed one of her baby outfits, bonnet and bracelet.  To show how far she has come.

From this little sweet baby girl to this grown up lady.

Melissa  - TX A&M 2007
Ann Marie  - LA Tech University - 2007
Lynley  - Oklahoma University - 2010

We traveled many miles over the past seven years, all worthwhile and fun.
What a ride for us and them!

Woohoo Wednesday to see more proud moments.


  1. Congrats to your daughter and you, too. Is this the last one to graduate? It was so nice when ours graduated from college, too. Makes you so proud. Great pictures.

  2. Congratulations to your beautiful daughter and to you as parents. Looks like you guys did an awesome job.

  3. Congrats! Great pictures, and I'm sure even better memories! I'm sure you will love having all three gals a little closer!

  4. It's amazing how accomplished we feel when our kids graduate. Our youngest enjoyed college so much, she'd still be taking classes (she's 31). Hubby finally asked her if she was ever going to graduate! Fortunately, she did. Congratulations ... what joy!

    Please pop on over to my blog today to receive your Super Comments award!

  5. Congratulations!! What an accomplishment.

  6. Now that is a whoo hoo moment! Such a beautiful daughter you have, and nice looking hubs make a beautiful family! Thanks Lori for stopping by.

  7. Congratualtions to your daughter, and to you, the proud parents!!! I wanted to thank you for visiting our blog, and entering our giveaway! Hope you have a wonderful week~~~Daphne

  8. congrats to the entire FAMILY!
    my friend, you deserve a vacay after all of this!
    what an awesome accomplishment for all.

    p.s. L.O.V.E.D. your derby party pics! too bad we don't live closer - i would of been a party crasher for sure.

  9. Woo Hoo!! This is definitely a Woo Hoo! Wednesday awesome achievement :) I know how proud you are. What a beautiful family. Thanks so much for linking and sharing this joyous event.

  10. Uh Oh...My youngest is praying to head off to OSU...Go Cowboys;)!

    Seriously...this is so awesome...ya'll must be soooo proud! You have such a beautiful family! I love seeing all of the pics of this wonderful day!

    Happy WooHoo Wdnesday!


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