Thursday, October 6, 2016

Press for Champagne... please

Because I saw this for $184 dollars on Etsy.

I made this.... for one of my best friends that just adores Champagne and whose daughter got married last weekend.  My girlfriends and I are putting together a sussy bag for the Mother of the Bride and this is my little sussy for her.

 Get extra paper because you will off center or cut the rectangle too short!

 So fun, I bought two push bells.  I may just have to make a second one for moi!

Frame - Hobby Lobby
Paper - Michaels
Push Button - Amazon NuTone Unlighted Pushbutton- Antique Brass
Gorilla Glue

Here is how easy you can make one too.  Pick font and print phrase.  Cut and place paper under glass and glue pushbutton right onto glass.  Voila, champagne anyone and thanks Leslie Anne for the Pinterest inspiration.


  1. I likey! Does the Butler come with it???:@)

  2. LORI!!!! I LOVE this! What a cute idea. I have to send a pic of this to my friend that doesn't blog. She will LOVE it, too. Really cute! xo Diana


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