Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The hunt continues

So I found the most perfect buffet.  Refreshed her with some paint and now it is time to accessorize the darling.
Do I layer like crazy? Dear lillie

A giant mirror is a must, but centered or off centered? Refresh Restyle
 Lamps, one or two?  One would settle the off centered mirror issue. Decorate Design Review
 Monochromatic or eccentric? Stone Gable (sorry could not find link)
Now you know why you have not seen the completed project yet.  I want to show it finished and pretty. I have narrowed down a lamp, but it is pricey and so I am still on the hunt.  Or will splurge. Looking for 3 foot by 3 foot mirror or larger.  Just a little more patience and I will have the look I want!


  1. Just play with it and have fun. Can't wait to see!

  2. It turned out fabulous! Things like that in my house get changed around and re-done every few weeks. You'll have fun fluffing it up!


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