Friday, March 4, 2016

Buffet transformation begins....

I really stress over painting over a wooden piece of furniture.  If it has a strong family heirloom connection, I will not.  But, the buffet I wanted to replicate, could not be found new to buy.  So to Craig's list I went and found a beauty to resemble this look!
Less than Perfect Life of Bliss
I found a pretty nice cousin, don't you think?  I have already removed the hardware in the below photo, but it is exactly the same as the above picture.  
This lady has long skinny legs and the length is a nice 60 inches.  The drive to pick her up was about an hour, but at a great price it was worth it.  It is a mahogany Kindel piece.  I emailed them with the information I could find printed on the buffet.  They emailed back and advised it was early 1980's.

The Sherwin Williams Pure White paint is really bright and exactly the color I wanted for this piece. 
She has nice curves and is super glossy!  Did I mention the extra storage?!
So if you picked number three from my previous post, you were correct.  So, area two of "Project light and bright my front room" is taking shape.  More to come, stay tuned.

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