Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Around the house for Christmas

How about a little tour around the living room?
My huge wooden monogram and an old Corona typewriter go well together. I refuse to pull the typewriter keys off to make jewelry! 

The most perfectly shaped tree we have ever had! 
 An Original Snow Village church scene. 
My newest ornament is one of my favorites (after Christmas sale last year).  A shiny wrapped present. 

I love this table setting.  So festive and set ready to go.  Knives, forks and spoons will be at the buffet line!
Even dried up magnolia leaves in the dough bowl are still pretty.
 And yes, more crying babies and Santa!  Poor MissHadley and MissLayton.  Even with Nanners and Floppy for security it didn't help.  


  1. Very pretty Lori. Your tree is beautiful and I love that big mossy K.

    No don't take the keys off that awesome typewriter. I'm still going to get one when I run across the right price. Wish I had the one that was in my home growing up!

  2. Your tree is beautiful! My brothers learned to type on old underwood typewriters similar to that one! Your monogram is unique and festive! Love it! Have a greatfull day! XxDazee

  3. How pretty, Lori! Your halls are all decked for Christmas! Love the photo of the babies! Too cute!

  4. That is a gorgeous tree! Perfectly shaped for sure. Everything is looking festive and wonderful xo Diana ps, Love the crying baby shot!

  5. Gorgeous as expected! Love the napkin rings!!

  6. It all looks lovely Lori. I love the picture of the babies. That will be such fun for them in the future!
    Have a very Merry Christmas.

  7. I love the look on Santa's face too! "I need a raise":@)

  8. Beautiful tree and table. Love the vintage typewriter too!


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