Friday, November 14, 2014

Wood Floor refinished

You  might think we hired professionals, but no, this is a DIY production.
13 year old Bruce Hardwood floors.  We have tried a lot of products and they always ended up with a white haze on the floors after we cleaned them.  

I saw an infomercial and was going to give it one more try before I hired a professional team to clean and shine our wood floors. 

This works!  You just need a few hours per room. 

We removed all furniture, swept, applied the cleaner and waited 10 minutes.  Above and below is the shine restorer on half the room.  You have to let that dry for 45 minutes.  

Tada....all our kids said they looked like new floors!  Now, I just use the cleaner when needed.  You can shine every three months. I hope once a year will do.  Moving furniture is the hardest part. 

Not a paid advertisement.  
Rejuvenate - Home Depot


  1. Wow... what a great Transformation! Love Old Hardwood Floors, they Impart such Character and History to a Room... but the Maintenance can be tricky! Happy Thanksgiving from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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