Thursday, November 20, 2014

Master Bathroom Remodel - Old South Glam

The only thing we kept was the perfectly sized tub.  Everything else gutted and gone.

Hubby did get his big huge mirror and I love the grand effect over two individual mirrors.  All other input, he was Mr. wonderful, and just shook his head to yes to everything I suggested!  
So, please come on in for a little tour.

To your left is the new improved shower.  I had them raise the shower head for hubby who is 6'2".  And added the spray hand held feature that is perfect for the days I don't want to get my hair wet showering.  There are three settings, showerhead only, both, or just the hand held.  We used the ladder handle shower door pull and clear 10 year coating on glass as a bargaining tool.  They included the extra cost to match a competitor.  Always ask ladies.  Notice the cubby we added to the bath wall too.  The little chrome garden seat is perfect for a towel holder or wine glass holder.  A girls got to bubble bath with a beverage right!

 Faux no sew Roman Shade tutorial here.  You can also see in this picture, where I had them raise the tub surround to match the window ledge.  We only had to raise it about 6 inches, but boy the custom look it adds. Those bubbles used to splash on the sheetrock.  Humm, beverage may have made me splash!  Just sayin'.

The floors are a herringbone pattern Carrera Marble.  Large 4 x 8 tiles.  Upkeep will be extra for me, but it is worth the sigh I make everytime I enter the room.  Really an oohlala effect on everyone. But, if you are OCD about cleaning and upkeep, I would not suggest them.

 I opted for the furniture style sink cabinet.  It is higher too for hubby.  The main theme I was going for was old south glam.  Lots of black, white, grays and chrome. 

The sink top is quartz and the cross bar hot and cold faucets add a vintage fee, but updated.  The tile back splash was an afterthought.  The backsplash really pullled the whole area together though. 

More of this on my next post of this super easy, affordable IKEA shelf idea.  The baskets for organizing cost more!  This little over the toilet wall was a wasted space before and extra storage is a girl's best friend.

Swoon picture only.   Fresh flowers have been making their way in here.  White roses mainly, but for fall a splash of color.

Another cubby in the shower and the razors should have been moved for the reveal "perfect shots". Real life shot people and the whole reason for that little top shelf was the razors.

New light fixtures are chrome glam too.  Don't let electricity scare you.  As long as the breaker is off, you can pretty much take your time.  Electrician wanted $150 each to hang new lights.  The Home Depot guy gave me suggestions and MissLynley and I did it for the 1.88 light box.  Oh, I had to buy a sheet rock saw too.

After bringing about 10 mirrors home and returing them.  Hubby got his big mirror.  And I saved money by shopping at IKEA again.  It looks a bit brown in this shot, but is a mixture of brown and black stain.  Looked totally black in the store.  See picture above for the real tones.

MissHadley and MissLayton love it too.

Source list
Flooring and tiles - Flor and Decor (they steered me wrong a few things - contractor corrected)
Sink double cabinet - Seconds and Surplus/Dallas (backordered and set project back about two months)
Light Fixtures - Lowes (do not, I repeat, do not have Lowes bid your shower doors)
IKEA - Mirror and shelving
Homegoods - baskets, medium sized wall mirror framed on mirror, chrome garden seat
Sink and tub faucets - American Standard - (plumber was impressed with quality)
Shower plumbing - (one of my mistakes fixed.  I originally purchased a modern spay spray looking thing and the plumbing costs to install were out of this world.  It was too long to refund that one and had to purchase this one by Moen)  I had trouble trying to match the American Standard ones.
Paint - Sherwin Williams - Rhinestone - pale gray with tints of baby blue, depending on the sun.

If you are in the Dallas area, you can contact me for my critique of the labor guys.  Plumber really only one I would recommend highly.
I was the sub contractor for this project and saved about 2000 dollars.

My thoughts
Everyone's estimates for time - take longer than they say
Be available to catch mistakes while being done.  Or be very clear and specific. I was able to check on the workers off and on. Writing on walls helps.

We opted to add a chrome back spash rail at the bottom of the doors and a clear rubber water retention thingy at the bottom of the shower door.  No splash out of the door area at all.
Natural tile requires light colored mortar.
Buy all new towels. :)

I just could not junk up this post with a before picture.  If you must compare, go here.

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  1. Congrats! Your new bathroom looks great Lori-enjoy:@)

  2. That looks STUNNING!!!!! So clean and classic! I love it and those sweet baby girls too!

  3. Oh my goodness, it's beautiful!! I love everything you chose. Southern Glam is the perfect description.

  4. LOVE the silver and crystal and all the beautiful details!


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