Sunday, November 23, 2014

Master Accents

It is all about the details too, right?

 I loved this little homemade iron shelf.  My sister Jill and I found it in Baton Rouge at an eclectic antique store.  Vintage mirrored top and narrow thin shelves fit perfectly in one area of the master bathroom.  

I knew from the beginning I wanted a garden seat for sitting and also to double as a small table.  This chrome garden seat was one of the first things I purchased and hubby had to look at it in the bedroom all during construction.  I just kept telling him it was going to be perfect and it is.  

CHROME - Shiny and pretty.  I LOVE the cross handles hot and cold faucets at the sinks.  We added chrome light fixtures and towel hooks.  

This is my favorite mirror of the ten that got axed by hubby.  I just couldn't return this one and it works perfectly for checking the back of my hair before I leave for the day or night!  It is on the angled wall across from the sink mirror. 

Silver tray was a Round Top, TX find on a girls trip.  The perfect narrow shape for holding sussies in between the two sinks.  

More chrome love and the perfect tiny cubby for soap and stuff by the tub.  And that marble ledge was an afterthought. I saw one of my daughter's friend's bathroom makeovers.  She used the marble on her shower ledge and bam... why didn't I think of that.  But, sure glad she did and that I saw it too. 

Crystal and silver... you just can't go wrong with that combination.  

Shopping Frisco Mercantile I found this iron beauty for my necklaces.

Remember the fleur de lis overload that used to overwhelm the master bath.  Now, just one little jar full of cotton balls is left.  The perfect touch next to a crystal biscuit barrel full of soap.   

Up next how to build these shelves yourself.  


  1. Yes, the details you've chosen are beautiful! I love that little silver tray. The antlers are metal? How neat! Did you make it to Frisco Mercantile in the last couple of weeks? I'm dying to go back.

  2. So many pretty and clever details. I especially like the antler/necklace holder!


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