Sunday, August 11, 2013

My first cornice board

I have always loved the look of a window treatment with a cornice board.  Thanks to tutorials on Pinterest I was able to create one for under $30.00 and it only took about two hours.  ( I was babysitting  my 2 month old grand-daughter at the same time ) Yes, I multi task well and a very content baby helps.  

 My supplies
1/2 inch foam core board (2)
Quilt batting ( you will need more than 36X45 ) 
Glue Gun
Staple Gun
Fabric (1 1/2 yards)
Nail trim (Ebay buyer see below)

I measured my window and cut the front and sides from the foam board.  You could use an exacto knife, I had my quilting rolling cutter thing to use.  Doesn't matter if your edge is ragged, you end up covering with batting.

I hot glued the sides on and hubby nailed the sides while I held it tight.  That was the only time I needed a second set of helping hands.

See the blue tape.  That is where I had to seam my front board piece to make it long enough for the window.  I hot glued some very flat lightweight boards to the other side to add stability.  (think paint stir stick)

I then just cut fabric and batting slightly large than my board and stapled gunned to the back.

How to install?  I would not be attaching mine to the wall.  I already had a very sturdy curtain rod from a previous window treatment that I couldn't get down.  So guess what? It would be my frame for the cornice. 
I hot glued ribbon loops to the back of the foam board and....

looped them over these!  The foam board is super light weight and I just adjusted the clips to match where the ribbon loops were located and done.  Five minute installation. 

Before, with old metal curtain rod.

After - cornice board glam!  

Room way before... during the three room switcheroo. 

Guest bedroom ~ ready, done, love....


  1. Great job! It really finishes off the window treatment!

  2. Well done! That looks fantastic!!!

  3. What a great job you did! Love the idea of just putting it on a regular curtain rod that you already had! Looks fantastic and very professional!


  4. And you did a fabulous job Lori!

  5. DIY tutorials are truly what everyone needs to pull off home improvement projects these days. You get to save money and be gratified at the same time. Way to go for this upholstered cornice! Tiffany@Maggio Roofing

  6. You did that window treatment with cornice board for just 2 hours and while you're taking care of your 2 month old baby? That's just amazing! Pinterest has been such a big help, especially in DIY projects. Hope to see more of your works, Lori!

    -Roxie Tenner @ WindowTreatmentsPhiladelphia


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