Friday, February 1, 2013

Pull up a chair and stay a while...

...because this will be a long post.  I was amazed at the creativity of the decorations at the Mardi Gras Ball we attended in Louisiana.  If you make it to the end, I have two party websites for linens and stuff.

One of the first things I noticed, was the different array of chair adornments.  These ladies didn't miss an inch of decorating for their guest's tables.   

Of course, the Queen's table wins best of show!  (especially because I helped and it took 7 hours to complete)

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I learned a new term.  The type of chair covers below are called chair hoods or caps.

These three win best use of Mardi Gras colors!  
And I meant to go back and pick up one of these masks if one got left behind.   Probably everyone took theirs home.

These chair covers had spandex, very form fitting.  I might have had a little bit of spanx being put to use that night too.  Just sayin'.  I do like the double colors for the satin ribbon ties.  

Here is a view across about a fourth of  the room. 

Everyone had bags to bring their loot/gifts home in.   In the above picture the crawfish bags doubled as place cards.

And below, I think wins the most creative chair covers with these crawfish bags in all three Mardi Gras colors.  More on those stump chargers in my next post.

Chair hoods with beads.

The Kings table was in my top three for decorations.  I wonder what was in their gift bags. Hubby is bored in background.

Best use of trendy burlap!  Who said you can't mix satin and burlap?  Only if you add a crawfish I guess.

These three below were my favorites.

Fish Net on Black - very dramatic.  

The Captains table, in brown tones and golden fleur de lis, really stood out among all the other bright colored tables.  (the captain is the guy who is in charge and also the guy that had to field problems and complaints)  Like, "Why did they put the King and Queen's tables way off to the side?  Why did they put the stage light structure there and block their view as well?"  I guess if you are captain you get center stage rights.  

and Queen Gold and silver was nothing but gorgeous.

Here is your first glimpse of the Queen of Dionysos.  She was just introduced and is being driven around by an alligator (her son who volunteered) throwing her throws.  Coming up more great decorations and fun.

Now if you have lasted this long, enjoy these party websites.
These two sites have great chair covers and table linens.   I have used Smarty had a Party and can vouch for their quality and customer service.  CV Linens has some great prices, but I haven't tried them yet.  Their great clearance sales prices are tempting me.

Smarty had a Party
CV Linens

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  1. This post is great. Such creativity and fun!

  2. wow, that's all I can say.

    Thanks for all of the inspiration Lori!

  3. How very, very beautiful! I am just in awe! xo Diana

  4. Very pretty! It looked like a really fun event:@)

  5. Your table is so elegantly lovely!!! I also love the one with the top hats with sprays! Everything is so festive and fun! I want to see a picture of you and the Mr. all dolled up!! Don't forget that one!

  6. You Selection and Designs, Both are Madly Good. I love the blackish theme.
    out Standing Effort.

    Satin Chair Covers

  7. wow!! so beautiful and elegant. makes me want to be invited somewhere with fancy chairs!! gorgeous.
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    happy Sunday!

  8. Wow all these ideas I love it all. Come link up to Centerpiece Wed and share this post with us. Karin


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