Monday, February 25, 2013

Beach Babies

Sorry, but when the grands are around I tend to forget to take pictures of the before shots.  But, when the kids came over for dinner on Sunday there were three beach bags waiting.  One for each Layton, Hadley and Raylyn (arriving in May).  There was a cute card attached asking them to go to the beach with Lala and Poppa this summer and to bring along Mom and Dad too!

Why are babies so cute with sun glasses they can't even stay up on their nose?

Each beach bag consisted of a sand bucket and beach castle building toys.  Plus sun glasses and beach hats.  

The same night we worked on tutu's for St. Patrick's day weekend in Baton Rouge.  We are thinking we are just too too (tutu) Irish.  I don't think you can ever be too Irish.  

Baby tutu above and mine below, yes mine, is ready!  
We used ribbon for the waist band and will just tie them around our waist.  We used layers of sheer fabric, netting and then added ribbons galore.  

Hadley says,"thanks Lala and Poppa and we will bring Mom and Daddy along with us to the beach!  Hmmm, what does sand taste like?"


  1. Oh, so cute! I knew I was going to love this post just from the title!

  2. Oh- LOOK at those cute babies. They are just so darling- xo Diana

  3. They will LOVE the beach...and you will LOVE sharing that memory with them!

  4. Oh my gosh, they are too precious!!!! I love the sunglasses!! You can NEVER be too Irish!!


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