Monday, February 4, 2013

More Mardi Gras in Natchitoches, Louisiana

More are extravagant, some are fun, but all are great decorations.

Queen Hernandez

Yes, the very young group at the table next to us got a little rowdy.  Jello shots in syringes y'all.  

Lots of gators and spanish moss everywhere.

Another fresh flower arrangement.  Only three tables had fresh flowers. Splurge.

New Orleans Saints fans I supppose.

Most creative, with the stump as a charger and da bayou booze place cards.  I'm thinking there was some white lightning in those little bottles. 

Before the band started I was able to get a picture of Rhonda and I.

Blurry shot, but best one of Lynn and I.
Lynn's bow tie was a Christmas gift from Mel and Sean.  It is made out of wood.  See Two Guys Bow Ties.  


  1. You look beautiful Mom! Dad- very handsome! Love you--

  2. Now THAT is a party! Loved all the images!

  3. Please pass the shrimp... Oh and you guys look FAB...And have I mentioned before that we LOVE to visit that city?

  4. Oh boy Lori, you and your Man look gorgeous. This looks like SOOOOOOOO much fun! I love the table decor and colors of course.


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