Sunday, November 18, 2012

Shutterfly cards

Shutterfly cards have been my go to place every year.  They have a wonderful selection and you can catch some great sale prices often.  Here are a few of their designs from this year's selection.

 Right now 40 % off, but offer ends soon.
(downloaded images a bit blurry, viewing better at the site here.)

The best way I have used Shutterfly recently has been to send pictures of the Great-Grandbabies quickly and easily to their Grand-parents.  They love having hand held photos to show their friends. (They haven't figured out the phone photo option on their cell phones yet)  I just load my photo's onto my Shutterfly account and can send them to the nearest Walgreen's or CVS.  They can pick them up one hour after I have sent them.  Since they live out of state they greatly appreciate this feature.  

And over the summer I created two family albums from our summer vacation.  Shutterfly makes it an easy and simple process.  Storage of my photos on Shutterfly means they will never be lost or destroyed.

Here is the link to start creating.  Click Here.

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  1. My daughter-in-love uses Shutterfly all the time and loves it. I can't wait to see the Christmas card from them this year- xo Diana


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