Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It was still a fun weekend

We started off in New Orleans...

Waited in line to eat and listened to the guys above sing.

We ate some more and the next day some more and then headed to Baton Rouge.... 

My sister scored tickets to the LSU - Alabama game...

Lynn and I partied with Rachel, Jill, Daniel and Chris....
On a gorgeous day in November that was in the high 80's. 

and we joined 200,000 other fans to cheer on the Tigers...

The game was great until the last 50 seconds.   Tense, fun, loud, my ears are still ringing.  The stadium isn't full in the picture below, but not a seat empty once the game started.  We broke the old record with attendance above 93, 300.  

College football, there ain't nothing better!  Well, beating Bama would have been better.  I'm still sad.

But on a happy note, LA Tech Bulldogs are ranked at 20 in the BCS! Go Dawgs!  So proud of my Alma Mater.


  1. It looks like you had a wonderful AND exciting time- xo Diana

  2. I'm SAD that LSU lost too:(


  3. I love college football! Looks like a great and warm time!!! Warm...I remember that...

  4. Looks like a super fun weekend!!

  5. I'm pretty sure the anger in our house over the ending of that game was not healthy...Still love 'em, though...GEAUX TIGERS!!!


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