Wednesday, September 5, 2012

More Canton shopping

We always take a Texas two step in Canton on Trade Days weekend.  First and always stop at Laurie Anna's, see post here.  Then we head to Paul Michael's and then home.  We never make it to the Pavilions and open air booths.  We usually have spent our budget by the time we finish our two step!  Both of these shops are on highway 19 leading to the Trade Days Main Gate. Paul Michael's on the left and further down Laurie Anna's on the right.  Just look for lots of cars.   

Paul Michael's was in full blown holiday mood.  This display greeted us when we walked in the front doors.  Hint - there is a clearance tent outside by the side door.  Which made us have to head to the checkout stand twice.  Just saving you a few steps with that hint.

This store was in full blown Fall and Christmas.  Where Laurie Anna's was just fall.  She is smart and will make us come back next month for Christmas. 

They use every inch of this warehouse,  check out the stuff hanging from the ceiling.

I did head home with two of these frames.  Hmmm... I wonder why two, maybe future twin picture holders.  Yep!

I loved the white oval mirrored ceramic plates.  Maybe next visit?

Have any of you been to Paul Michael's or Laurie Anna's? Has anybody seen fall house decorations out yet?
  I think I am ready, 100 degree weather or not.  Maybe it will make me feel cooler. 


  1. Gosh, Lori, I think I may have to venture to Canton next month for these two stores, alone! Between these two that you've highlighted, I could be a happy camper!

  2. Those kitchen hutchs in the last picture are beautiful, i could not be trusted to go to this place alone haha.

    Jan @Door251

  3. OH boy I am loving this shop Lori. I am ready for Fall. Even though not one bin has come out yet.

  4. Looks like a great place to stop! I'd be thrilled seeing all of the holiday items:@)

  5. What beautiful images!!! I love that shop, Lori- I am ready now (finally) for Fall to set in- xo Diana

  6. Mom and I love to do the grounds at Canton, but there have been several visits to Canton for LaurieAnna's only! It's going to be cooler on Saturday & Sunday!


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