Monday, August 15, 2011

Stop me someone please !

What are you currently collecting?
Mine is white or ivory creamers.  Actually I am done I mean it collecting them.  But let me share some of them with you.  They make great groupings.

Fill a basket...

or holders for spoons...

My Goodwill creamers, they were someones Grandmother's now mine... .79 cents each for these little beauties below.

Maxxiniesta - thanks TJMaxx

Who would have thought my first newlywed everyday china would be my first piece of the collection.
Johnson Brothers

My favorite GW piece, with pinks and gold touches.

My sweet mother-in-law handed down these super large pitchers.  Creamers on steroids.

Both lovely English ladies.

I have a Christmas inspired one, way up high on top of my cabinets.  It adds a nice burst of color.

I thought I was done, over, no more collecting and then sigh, this little Scottish wench just called out to me to be taken home.  Found her in Louisiana at my Mom's 75th birthday celebration in Breaux Bridge.

I'm done, finished....well maybe.  Anyone need to borrow them let me know.

Update on the below creamer, Tanya in her comments below noted ~~

You probably already know this, but the last white pitcher with the crest on the front is the flag from my home province of Nova Scotia, Canada!!!  Thanks, Tanya

She is a Canadian cutie! Not Scottish.  
Adderley Fine Bone China, England
Nova Scotia Tartan is the pattern on the bottom of the creamer.


  1. They are gorgeous!!! I love them and what you have done with them.

  2. You are so cool Lori. Do you girls tell you that? Well I will and tell them I said so. Neat collection. I have nothing in particular I am collecting at the moment. Ran out of space and closets LOL!

  3. Love your collection! And I love how you used them for the shower. Great ideas.

    - The Tablescaper

  4. What a perfect thing to collect..I was collecting silver butter knives
    until I got enough for 12...but your creamers especially the Johnson brothers you started with are really neat.

  5. At least you are collecting something that's pretty and useful. There are so many uses for those cute creamers.

  6. Oh I love your collection and they are all so different and fabulous. I love them in all of your different vignettes. How fun. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  7. They're so cute, and they don't sound like a super expensive thing to collect. Why not get more? :) Or is that the voice of the evil angel that you don't need to hear?

    I love what you did with them at the shower!

  8. I collected pitchers too! I don't think you ever have your white ones and the ones your Mother in love gave you. Great sharing!
    Blessings My Friend,

  9. You probably already know this, but the last white pitcher with the crest on the front is the flag from my home province of Nova Scotia, Canada!!!

  10. Hi Lori! Thank you for stopping by my blog & commenting. Your ivory creamers are quite lovely!!! I look forward to stopping by your blog!


  11. What a fun and unique collection - why stop? because if you do, you will only begin another collection of something else, right? I say keep on collecting. I once saw a unique collection of teapots and they were all displayed hanging from a railing on an outdoor stone staircase!

  12. I love your collection! Collecting is a sickness...I know!

  13. Lori, I love your creamers. I collect them and pitchers, too when I find them at a reasonable price. You have way more than me. I better get back to hunting.
    Thanks for noticing my favicon. I finally learned how to do it. You are so observant. Like yours, too. I may have to redo mine with a colored background.

  14. I share you weakness, lol! I have no idea how to stop either.


  15. I had to come back and post! Isn't Natchitoches just the prettiest town? We're about 30 miles away but it is where we go to eat, shop, etc. I'm a new follower on your blog!

  16. Gorgeous! T.J. Maxx has some great finds! xo

  17. Gorgeous! T.J. Maxx has some great finds! xo

  18. Oh, now, you know you don't MEAN it ... and someday the TV show Hoarders can do a double show of you AND me ... and all our china!

    Only kidding --your pitchers are adorable.

    My wedding china was white Johnson Bros, too!

    I'm putting a christmas tree in our dining room this year, with demitasse cups on it .. and now maybe I'll be looking for little creamers. thanks for the inspiration.


  19. My name is Deborah and I am a white pitcher/creamer holic. [Readers respond: Hello Deborah]

    I'm on a 12 step program -- it only takes me 12 steps in a thrift store to spot one!

    Your collection is beautiful.

  20. Hi Lori- For me it's mainly pitchers, but I have a few creamers. I ♥ the way you piled some into a basket! What fun. If I get some more, I'll do the same. Guess I better hit some sales this weekend!
    :-) Sue

  21. I have been adding to my white pitcher collection also. I love them.

    You have some great ones.

  22. I do believe that there are many of us out here who need that 12-step program for collecting pitchers! lol! My weakness is French body pitchers....and grainsacks....and mini fans....and pillowslips....and lavender....and....

    Ummmmm.....where do I sign up...???

    xoxo laurie

  23. What a great collection! I especially like the basket full and of course the Nova Scotia crested one (I'm in Ontario.)

  24. This is a darling collection! So many things you can do with them, and they just look terrific!

  25. I love ironstone! I try to collect different types of pieces but it seems that what I have the most of is...little creamers! I'm always on the hunt, not just for any ol' ironstone, but pieces that resemble my Homer Laughlin pieces; scalloped, lacy type edges. Something so delicate about that look that I love.

  26. I don't know if I could decorate without my white pitchers...nice collection you've got there!

  27. Your collection is absolutely WONDERFUL!! I never see ANY little white pitchers around here. There must be another collector in town. LOL

    I love how you used them for the creative & lovely. BRAVO!


  28. If you are like me, you do not need someone to enable you and cour collections. That said, I saw your Johnson Brothers Heritage creamer and wanted to tell you that I somehow wound up with two coffee pot/creamer/sugar bowl sets so if you would be interested in one, let me know. Guess I really like it if I bought it twice! I collect English ironstone and creamware. I am always trying to find pieces of Wedgwood Patrician that does not shoot the budget.

  29. I had the white Johnson Brothers china years ago, too! I don't have any pieces anymore, but I always loved it. I have started collection creamers, too. It's a recent collection so I don't have many. I love how you used yours at the shower.

  30. Lovely collection; anything white and ironstone steals my heart!

  31. Love love love all your little creamers! (Had to laugh out loud at your steroid comment!) Too funny

    Thanks sooOOOO much for linking up and sharing your awesome collection.

    Hope you will come back next month and share again!

    Alison :)


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