Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Breaux Bridge and ghosts

Louisiana ya'll

We met at this corner, you had to be in line by 7:00 AM or you probably wouldn't get a table at this place.  We had a party of 15, so we were first in line.  Yes, we left Baton Rouge at 6 AM to get here.
Cafe Des Amis in Breaux Bridge, LA is known for their Saturday morning Zydeco bands and breakfast.

We ate and drank some of these.  I recommend the crawfish etoufee over a biscuit or with the boudin patty.  And don't forget the Andouille sausage grits, ya'll.  They were delicious.

The band let my brother play along, he is in the white tee shirt.  This place is tiny, the below picuture is front to back of the whole place.  We youtubed my brother,  check out Zydeco Chris, Cafe Des Amis.
Go here to see... Zydeco Chris, Cafe Des Amis

Then we shopped some

and headed over to St. Martinville, about fifteen minutes away.

Here is our Bed and Breakfast (built in 1828) in the background, right next to the Evangeline Oak.

I think this tree on the other side of the house may have been even older.  There are branches behind me in this picture, I'm standing under it.

We set up lunch for the bunch of us to honor my Mom's 75th birthday.

My favorite Aunt and Uncle came down from Minnesota.  Love you Aunt Carole and Uncle Walt.

Can you tell they are sisters? My Mom's on the right.

Every place we needed to go was within walking distance.  Here is the church we attended on Sunday, you could see it from our B&B.  Our dinner restaurant on Saturday was within one block from where we stayed.  We stayed on the main square in town.

See the clouds aren't they wonderful.  I think it rained on us three times over the weekend.  It was great because the entire state of Texas is in a drought and we hadn't seen rain in a while.  Wish we could have taken some home with us.

I love this picture of the guys after we arrived back in Baton Rouge to catch our flight home.  Nap time!

Oh the ghost story, I almost forgot.  As we were leaving the B&B we asked if they had any ghost sightings.  Yes, a vision in a bedroom of a victorian lady looking out the back window and in that same room a couple both thought the other one was pulling their toes during the night.  Neither one of them were, must have been a ghost.   I'm glad we didn't hear the stories till we were leaving, our room was just across the hall from that room.

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  1. Wow, What a great family trip! Loved the video of your brother. Priceless!

  2. Happy 75th to your Mom. What a fun fun fun looking day. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Lori, love the last picture. hilarious. Hope you mum had a great birthday.

  4. Looks like fun. I know it has to be very hot and sticky there. Always good to shop in the air conditioned stores.


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